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Services for Pioneering End of Life Passages

Personalized Funeral Ceremonies, Pet Loss, Home Funerals in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Poulsbo, Renton and Puget Sound

The Emerge Foundation helps you with what is needed at the end of life. Using ceremony and guidance, Kateyanne aims to help transform the journey into one that heals. The Emerge Foundation donates a percentage of all proceeds to help offset costs of family-directed funerals for children.

Funeral & Memorial Officiant Services

Get the ceremony you want, just as you want it. Let it be like nothing you’ve come to expect in a memorial service – but about this life that is like no other, ever. I will work with you to create a celebration of life that is a personalized, unique and honoring tribute.

Learn more about my Funeral & Memorial Officiant services.

Pet Passage Guide

I’ll help you through the day before, the day of, and the day after you say goodbye to your pet.

You can and should take all the time you need with your friend, after they die. There is no urgency. No one needs to rush about. It is a time for quiet, for reflection and for sharing.

Take the time to sit with them, to say goodbye, to read or sing, cry or pray. There is no hurry and there is a great deal of privacy in a tender time.

Learn more about my Pet Passage Guide services.

Transition Journey Guide Services

Discover guideposts and safe passages as you sort out the details of an impending death. We work together on a Transition Journey to create structure and support that is lacking in our modern society, and is based on the values and beliefs of the family. It often includes help and consultation for a family-directed home funeral, especially in the case of children.

Learn more about my Transition Journey Guide services.

Home Funeral Consulting Services

Keep your loved one at home after death for one to three days. It’s natural, it’s low cost, and it’s legal. I will help you learn how you can return to traditional death practices and bring connection, healing and meaning into your community group by holding a family-directed funeral in the home.

Learn more about my Home Funeral Consulting services.

End-of-Life Planning Services

Map your vision for the end of your life so that you are empowered in today’s health care system. Get all your affairs in order so you can pay attention to living now. I can coach you through the checklist or help keep you on track to do it yourself.

Learn more about my End-of-Life Planning Coaching services.