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Praise for Kateyanne

We are forever grateful to have had Kateyanne guide us through our Transition Journey with our infant son. When we knew his life was coming close to the end we wanted to make it meaningful, special, and beautiful. We found Kateyanne through our hospice chaplain and after a quick chat on the phone we knew she would be our guide. Kateyanne helped us plan ahead to be intentional and present when dealing with the end of our son’s life, his celebration of life, and our journey coping with losing him. I can’t say enough about how valuable a service like this is and Kateyanne has a way of knowing and offering what you need. – Alicia & Derek, Seattle, WA

I just can’t express in words how thankful I am for your support and guidance through this process as well as the amazing ceremony you created. My brother and I feel that you captured exactly what my father would have wanted. You are such an incredibly intuitive person who captured the essence of my father. You not only created the ‘memory bubble’ for us, but you also left us with a life story that we were able to learn and draw comfort from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will forever be grateful to you! – Kristie, Tacoma, WA

Kateyanne did a great job of helping our family provide a wonderful memorial service for my Dad.  It was a relief to find someone that knows how to listen and learn about your loved one and present a good representation of what kind of man he was.  Dogs were always a part of our family’s life and I requested Luna be there. She was a good little tension breaker and did a wonderful job of watching the service.  I know my Dad was smiling down watching her too. – Susan, Bothell, WA

I am so appreciative that Kateyanne came into my life and helped create such a beautiful piece of work to honor my mother. As a friend recently said to describe someone we love – you are Magic!  Thank you again!  – Linda, Irvine, CA

There is no one I would recommend more than Kateyanne Unullisi to guide you through your most important life event with caring, warmth, and insight. Kateyanne will make sure that you have a profound and memorable event that truly honors the meaning you intend. In addition to her ability to help create a beautiful ceremony, Kateyanne also brings a remarkable attention to detail, which will allow you to relax and trust that everything is being taken care of. Kateyanne is a true “celebrant” of life. – Sara, Worcester, MA

Kateyanne is a gem. She embodies the tenderness, strength and humanity that comes from truly understanding grief and loss, coupled with a deep appreciation of the power and beauty of ritual. She wears her wisdom lightly. Generosity and warmth of spirit infuse everything she does. – Kim, London, UK

I would highly recommend Kateyanne’s service as a Celebrant for any of life’s changes. Her warm personality has a very calming effect on anyone she comes in contact with. She has a way of creating just the right ceremony for each person that she works with. – Karyn, Yellow Springs, OH

I cannot say enough about the funeral ceremony for our Mother. The story of her very big life was told and it reached everyone she cared about and everyone who loved her. For all of us, it was deeply moving, personal, warm and familiar. Such wonderful work for such a difficult time. Great job Kateyanne! – Rick, Dayton, OH

Kateyanne helped me through one of the most difficult milestones of my life. I was dreading the first anniversary of my mother’s death. Kateyanne and I talked at length about my relationship with my mom, my desire to honor her and my fear of facing my grief. She gently suggested that I think about marking the day with a ritual that would help me honor Mom’s life in a unique and appropriate way. She helped guide me as I planned what I would do.

Kateyanne has a wonderful way of listening that encouraged and enabled me to express my feelings in ways that I would not have thought possible. Through her creativity and wisdom, she helped me transform those feelings into a joyful, healing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you, Kateyanne! – Tricia, Bellevue WA

Kateyanne’s manner of calm sincerity and genuine compassion allows her to enter into any situation with a warm, re-assuring presence, to find its positive essence, identify its enrichments and then weave it all into a tapestry of beautiful simplicity. – Elizabeth, Whidbey Island WA

Kateyanne has a natural awareness of people’s emotions and thoughts. Her calm demeanor and quick wit add grace and humor to her ceremonies. She’s the best! – Jean, Orcas Island, WA