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Pet Passage Guide

Goodbye Friend

Your sweet boy or girl is going, sooner rather than later.  How do you deal with all of this?  How do you give them a sweet passing?  How do you handle complete and utter heartbreak? How do you move on?  How do you celebrate and honor their memory?  And how do you fill the void in your heart and home?

Lean In

I can help you.

When my best friend Aiko was aging, I’d look at her and be gripped with pain. And she wasn’t even sick! I just knew that I only had a little more time with her. And I wanted to be together forever.

There were some things I could have done in those last years to be more relaxed and mindful about the time we still had together.

What Would a Good Death Look Like?

I’ll help you work through all the options that fit your family, making sure that in the end, your dear friend (and you) find comfort.

Look, I get it. Creating a ‘Death Plan’ sucks. It might even feel like creating it will make it happen immediately. It won’t – it will actually bring you peace so you can be with your friend knowing you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it.

Time, Space and Room to Say Goodbye

I’ll help you through the day before, the day of, and the day after.

You can and should take all the time you need with your friend, after they die. There is no urgency. No one needs to rush about. It is a time for quiet, for reflection and for sharing.

Take the time to sit with them, to say goodbye, to read or sing, cry or pray. There is no hurry and there is a great deal of privacy in a tender time.

How to Know What to Do

I charge $80 an hour for my pet consulting services. Ten percent of all proceeds go to The Emerge Foundation Home Funeral Fund to help support those families who would like to keep their deceased child at home for a family-directed funeral, but cannot afford it.