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Making Plans for End-of-Life

Working Together:  Immediate Benefits & Your Peace of Mind

You Will Be Empowered.  I will help you get as much control as possible over what happens to you at the end of your life – you’ll feel stronger and more confident knowing that your wishes will be followed.

You’ll prepare for decisions right for you before you talk with a funeral home. I will help you understand all the goods and services available to you at my pre-funeral home consultation.

Your End-of-Life Wishes Will Be Fully Honored. You will take the burden off of your family and friends to try and guess at what you would want – this is one of the most loving gifts you can give them when they will be thinking about other things.

All of Your Items, Details and “Stuff” Will Be Fully Handled. I’ll help you stay on track so you can finish your plans and forget about it – hopefully for a very long time.

Simply put, I’ll be your coach to help make this hard stuff go quickly so you can get on with the business of living!  

Think About It (…even though you don’t want to)

Thinking about death…that’s like going alone into a spooky forest. Every part of you says ‘don’t go in there!’

But you know what? I’ve been down this path many times before. And I have a flashlight!

Let me help you find the way.

What I Provide

What You Receive

What it Costs

Hire me as your coach

One-to-one attention to guide you through the pieces for end-of-life planning

$80 per hour

End-of-life planning for couples

Besides a finished plan, I’ll help facilitate understanding between the two of you for each other’s wishes

$80 per hour

Four hour workshop for up to eight people

Includes an individual 20-minute consult per person

Understanding of required documents. Supportive forum for discussing end-of-life wishes. Go   forward action plan.(Group provides the meeting place)

$500 minimum plus   $100 for each person over four


Pet support coach

Counseling for knowing when the time is right for your pet. Personal   support at the chosen time. Funeral service. Story of your pet.

$65 per hour

Ten percent of all proceeds go to The Emerge Foundation Home Funeral Fund to help support those families who would like to keep their deceased child at home for a family-directed funeral, but cannot afford it.

Let’s see how I can help you feel confident that your wishes will be followed.  Contact me now for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

What Happens if You Don’t Plan?

You just got hit by a bus and are out of here. Or got very bad news from the doctor.

Could it get any worse than that?

Yep – it can. I know because it happened to me. My husband went to work one day and didn’t make it back alive. And on top of the staggering pain, I spent the next two years dealing with a mess of legal paperwork.

Everyone Wants a Piece of You

The ‘good’ news? He died at the scene of the accident. If he had lingered, neither his wishes nor mine for a merciful death would have happened. Not unless he had a plan in place.

Look – if you don’t make a plan for your (or your parents’) end-of-life transition, one will be made for you.

You will be sucked into the maw of the hospital system, the insurance system, the legal system.

That’s the way it works these days.

You Want to Get Your Plans Finalized, and You Want to Do it Yourself

Sure – you can do it yourself. About one in a hundred of you will get there on your own. If that’s you, here’s an awesome site for the do-it-yourselfer. Get Your Shit Together was created by Chanel Reynolds after her husband died in 2009 and, as she put it, the shit hit the fan. That’s what happened to me too, so do it! Now! Today!

You Want to Do it Yourself, but You Know You Won’t

And instead of dragging this anxiety around with you, how about this? Take a breath, turn around, and get a handle on it – with a coach and advocate who can help.

WOW! You Did It!

You made it through the dark forest – alive and well! To celebrate, I’ll donate a tree to the Arbor Foundation on your behalf.