Oh sure, she’s cute. And sweet. But here’s the thing – Luna helps me stay grounded,

Kateyanne Unullisi and her therapy dog, Luna

Kateyanne Unullisi and her therapy dog, Luna

especially when I’m wading into some deep waters.

She can literally help me stay balanced. If I put Luna in a shopping bag in one hand, she equals the groceries in the other: a gallon of milk, a pound of butter, a few oranges and a dozen eggs.

That’s only some of what 12 pounds of fancy can counterbalance.

Here we are at her first official celebration of life.  We are looking down a big room of about 75 people, and it was a comfort to me and many others that she was there. She even got a testimonial - “Dogs were always a part of our family’s life and I requested Luna be there. She was a good little tension breaker and did a wonderful job of watching the service.  I know my Dad was smiling down watching her too.”

Luna and Kateyanne officate a funeral for a dog lover.


When we go to cemeteries, she often meets with fairies, on this side and that, about this and that. She keeps these conversations to herself.

luna at a graveside


Dr. Unullisi is not only a professional in the hospital, she also sees the recovering patients as perfect, just as they are. Even if I feel nervous, she never does. It cheers up the super hardworking nurses to have her there, too.

Dr. Luna Unullisi visiting hospital


One of the ways I relax is by knitting, but knitting around a Havanese is a challenge. Their chests so broad! Their waists so slim! (and not much time to get from one to the other.) Luna helps foster my passion of knitting by being forever patient with trying it on (and taking it off, and putting it back on).

Luna's bespoke knits


She uses her counseling degree to help kids who are afraid of dogs by letting them touch her amazing tail, and keeps the grandkids on the other end of the leash when they’re out walking me.

Luna Pet Partner therapy dog


Luna is a WAY bigger football fan than I am, but I try to be a good sport about it. And this last game messed her up pretty badly. GO HAWKS!!

Luna Seahawks fan


Luna really likes to hang out with all the pretty girls, here dancing at a wedding and at home with her sister, Stella. To wind down, she gets back to her love of goose poop, rotten fish and dead slugs as soon as possible. (not shown)

Luna is pretty


She has this thing for blue dragons, saving the day, and sleeping on my special teddy bear.



My work takes me into sad places at times. The world is pretty darn scary at times. Luna keeps me feeling safer and lighter. I am grateful that we share the work we do.

Is she perfect? Hell no – that’s another blog. A really short one.


Luna with wings and butterflies