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Funeral Officiant & Alternative Minister

Personalized Funeral Ceremonies in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Poulsbo, Renton and Puget Sound

If you’ve come to this page because someone close to you has died or will soon, I offer my condolences.

I want to help you create a funeral or memorial service in a way and place that is right for you – a ceremony that shows – as it really was – his or her life.

My aim is that this ceremony brings light into a dark time, and helps to connect and heal the community who gather to remember.

What is Possible?

The person you have lost is the one and only that ever was or will be again.

And the Celebration of Life will show that. As a funeral celebrant, I can help create what you want – whether traditional, outdoors, on the water, a mountain or backyard, in a chapel, living room or large venue.

Together we’ll uncover what lay at the heart of this life. We’ll decide on readings, music and important symbols that tell the story for you and for the people who come to say goodbye.

This ceremony is to say goodbye. And it is also to support the living, to bring comfort and connection to family and friends at a time of need.

I Have Lots of Ideas

Perhaps you are planning the service for your own death. I can work with you on that.

I also help support a family through an impending death, creating ceremonial elements for key points along the way. A Transition Journey gives the structure and support that is lacking in our modern society, and is based on the values and beliefs of the family. It often includes help and consultation for a family-directed home funeral, especially in the case of children.

It could be that you could benefit from a ‘do over’ celebration of life memorial. Maybe there wasn’t a memorial or funeral and you wished there had been one. Or you couldn’t be there or it was just not representative of what his family and friends needed. Let’s create ceremony that sanctifies this life in a way that can help and heal, no matter how much time has passed.

What Can I Do to Help Right Now?

Regardless of whether we work together, I may be able to offer some ideas for what might fit for you in a complimentary consultation.

You can also check out Funeral and Memorial Resources.

What Does it Cost?

I can answer this after our initial consultation, when I understand the complexity or simplicity, time constraints, distance, length of ceremony and more.

Some ceremonies are more complex, in which case the fee is higher (and vice versa). We will explore your options during the complimentary consultation.

What I Do

What You Get

What it Costs

Initial consultation

Usually by phone, this one hour consult will help us both understand the ceremony and   if we are a fit to work together.

No charge

Create and deliver ceremony

Deep listening,   collaborating on the story of this life and ceremony elements. Working with the venue. Your approval of the ceremony, delivering the ceremony and creating the keepsake.

Let’s talk about a quote. My standard fees usually range between $450 and $850 per ceremony, plus travel. Payment is due at the time we agree to work together.


I can write and someone else can present. I can edit what you have written.

$75.00 per hour

Ten percent of all proceeds go to The Emerge Foundation Home Funeral Fund to help support families who want a  family-directed funeral for their child, but cannot afford it.

How Does This Work?

My initial consultation is complimentary. We’ll know pretty quickly if we want to work together, and if so, I’ll find out the details that help me set the price.

When we decide to create your personalized ceremony, you’ll fill out a questionnaire, sign a contract and pay the full amount. Plans may be available for divided payments.

Then, we’ll work closely together, back and forth, until you fully approve. This is where I’ll learn who you are and what you are facing, and gather the readings, music, symbols and other elements that will strengthen and color your ceremony.

You have total control and approval over what is written and how it is delivered. After you approve the final copy, we hold your ceremony. Later, you will receive a keepsake copy.

Can You Do it Yourself?

Yes. You can find resources on Funeral and Memorial Resources.

You can also use just some of my services at an hourly rate. I can design the structure and flow, edit what you put together, and help in other ways.

Keep in mind that when it comes to leading a ceremony, it can be so emotional that it hinders your own participation. A celebrant is not only a master of ceremonies (very emotional ones), but holds the space, timing, and comfort of guests in mind. If you are someone who is grieving, I urge you to give this task to an experienced friend or family member (teacher, public speaker, etc.) who will be able to hold the group in ceremony and not suffer from being unable to participate as an observer.

May you find peace and comfort in the support of your family and friends, and in the kindness of loving hearts everywhere.