Chrysalis and Luna, Superheroes

Luna and Chrys have an awesome super power. They can travel between ‘the veil’ – from this side to that side. Mostly, they hang out under a weeping willow tree on that side, looking for ways to help out when there’s trouble on this side.

After their daddy died, the girls were very sad. But since he was on the other side, he didn’t know how to tell them he was OK, and watching over them all the time.Superheroes Chrys and Luna help out two sad little girls

Even though they didn’t see their daddy, Luna and Chrys helped them to remember him in all kinds of ways. And even though he was dead, and on the other side, his daughters kept him in their hearts and in their family, all the time they were growing up.

And even after that.


Art by Tatiana Gill, Super Comixen, Seattle, WA