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I offer support before, during and after death. I believe we are better when we have more hands on, personalized support. I offer unique ceremony as a Seattle funeral officiant and funeral celebrant. I am a home funeral guide and can help with green burials.

Recent Posts by Kateyanne

Create a Releasing Blanket

A Releasing Blanket is created in advance of a pet’s death, as a way to actively begin to reflect on and work through your feelings. Truth is, there is no specific pattern for this, because it is in the inspiration, planning and making that the work is done.

Home Funeral Guides Embrace the Dead on Dia de los Muertos

Why would women who work with the dead celebrate death? (I interviewed Sara and Jessica on this topic and it was great, if you want to listen in.) Home funeral guides Sara Williams and Jessica Caldwell show up to help families and friends care for someone after death, at home. They encourage families to tend  Continue Reading »

A Natural Death in Yellow Springs 6/19/16

A Natural Death Family-led body care (home funeral/vigil) and green burial Join Home Funeral Guide Kateyanne Unullisi for a talk about caring for our own after death and green burial  – including Yellow Springs’ own green burial cemetery – on Sunday, June 19 from 1 – 3 p.m. at The Rockford Chapel. Learn why family-led home  Continue Reading »

Join us at Poppy’s Funerals in London

In the Presence of Death How to Create DIY Funerals & Bespoke Ceremonies What is a DIY or ‘Family’ funeral? Why would this be appealing and how would that work in your family or with someone you know? Join us for this fascinating talk about caring for your own after death. Home Funeral Guides and  Continue Reading »

Remembering My First Home Funeral

This is a guest post by my friend and fellow National Home Funeral Alliance board member, Sara Williams. Sara speaks with a delicious North Carolina drawl and can be at my home funeral any day. What I love about this story is how nervous I knew she was, before she had ever personally helped a  Continue Reading »