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About Kateyanne

I’m called to work with the dying, the dead, and those who are alive to handle their affairs. There’s not a good name for it these days.

I’m a mix of an empathic and attentive nature, many deep life losses, decades of corporate project management in communications (where I work with teams who plan, show up, execute, improve – on time and professionally), advanced communications abilities (writing, editing, storytelling), wisdom, humor, confidence and yes, even humility. Add to that a love of people, dogs, poetry, and travel and we’re maybe a bit closer. I knit and spin. Write. Stay calm in the midst of storms and love to listen. I’m happy to get my hands dirty.

And I can solve problems using my super human power of resourcefulness.

I’ve gone through a lot, and learned from it as best I could. I know what grief is to the extent I’ve lost a baby brother, had miscarriages, and lost a husband. And a few pets I’ve loved to the moon.

I know that no two griefs are the same – some soft, some minor, others shattering and beyond endurance. They can’t be compared and it all hurts.

One thing I know: it can be softer and more healing when we lean in, touch, and care for each other and our dead in more natural ways.

My passion is helping educate and support families of terminal children in how ceremonial elements and home funerals may help in the transition between life and death.

I currently serve on the board of the National Home Funeral Alliance, managing the website, social media, and communications.

Take a look at Home Funeral Ceremonies: A primer to honor the dying and the dead with reverence, light-heartedness and grace which I co-authored with Donna Belk, a mother of the home funeral movement.

You can learn lots more about Luna, my ‘Pet Partners’ therapy dog, and my assistant. She keeps things light and soft and kind of silly.  She’s usually in the window in the back of my car, keeping an eye on things.

I may be available to address your group about home funerals, green burials, ceremony, end of life planning, and more. Contact me if you want to see what we can come up with.

Still want to know more? See what’s up on the blog, and you can always follow along on Facebook. Hope to see you there!