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Create a Releasing Blanket

A Releasing Blanket is created in advance of a pet’s death, as a way to actively begin to reflect on and work through your feelings. Truth is, there is no specific pattern for this, because it is in the inspiration, planning and making that the work is done.

Luna is a Helper – a Dog who Goes to Funerals

Oh sure, she’s cute. And sweet. But here’s the thing – Luna helps me stay grounded, especially when I’m wading into some deep waters. She can literally help me stay balanced. If I put Luna in a shopping bag in one hand, she equals the groceries in the other: a gallon of milk, a pound of butter, a  Continue Reading »

Toy Store Story: A Good Day to Die

“Thank you for helping them learn to pet your dog. We always had dogs but right now we don’t, and the kids really need the exposure.”

Luna Unullisi, Not Just any Dog

“She was a therapy dog before she got her official ‘Dr. Luna’ badge from Pet Partners, keeping me laughing when times got rough and sitting close when I needed comfort.”