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Category Archives: Death of a child

Home Funeral Guides Embrace the Dead on Dia de los Muertos

Why would women who work with the dead celebrate death? (I interviewed Sara and Jessica on this topic and it was great, if you want to listen in.) Home funeral guides Sara Williams and Jessica Caldwell show up to help families and friends care for someone after death, at home. They encourage families to tend  Continue Reading »

Remembering Baby Burton

Baby Burton died a year ago. Kateyanne Unullisi, a home funeral guide and funeral celebrant, tells the story of how his parents chose to use ceremony before and after his death, and to care for their son after he died, in their home.

Funeral for a Child

What does a funeral for a child look like? Phoebe’s birthday is today, and we remember her by showing others how to come together to support family and friends through the unimaginable.

Remember the Grievers, Save the World

“Why is it that we turn away from or stop attending to the Grievers?”