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Support in mapping the journey for the living and the dying.


Natural, legal, and simple –
a family-directed funeral in your home.


Your personalized ceremony
to celebrate life.

An end-of-life time can awaken you to extraordinary experiences.
Working together, you will reclaim your power to control what happens
in the transition between living and dying.

Personal Guidance, Coaching and Support by Seattle Funeral Officiant and Home Funeral Guide Kateyanne Unullisi

You have made your way here because you are looking for something different for a celebration of life, a funeral officiant who listens carefully and helps design truly unique memorials, someone to help you hold a family-directed funeral with green burial options, or even a guide to help your family and children through the loss of a loved one or a pet.

The Emerge Foundation is a safe and empowering place to explore a peaceful transition and a good death. More and more of us want less invasive practices with our loved ones and for ourselves at the end of our lives and afterwards.

For people who want modern day funeral home and church ceremonies, there’s plenty to choose from.  But what about those who want something different?

How? To name a few, you may want to consider green burial, family-directed funeral, home vigil, no embalming or perhaps no extraordinary life-prolonging measures.

What about a sanctified ceremony?  This is a powerful ritual and celebration for those who are spiritual but not religious and for families with multiple cultural and religious beliefs – all to take you, your family and friends through an end-of-life time with full intention.

If you are reading this, this may be a crazy time for you.  If traveled with gentle wisdom, heart and conscious choice, this chaotic time will ultimately become a profound and poignant life moment that, with my support and services, will be healing, meaningful and beautiful.

I invite you to contact me. Please expect a very prompt reply.

From my heart to yours,

Kateyanne Unullisi

Executive Director & Celebrant/Officiant
The Emerge Foundation

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